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Ihsan for Relief & Development is a direct service-oriented humanitarian organization with development goals. It operates directly on the ground in Syria and in Turkey where 2 million refugees live.

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Rizk for Professional Development provides job-placement services for Syrian refugees in Turkey, thus promoting self-sufficiency among Syrians and reducing reliance on humanitarian aid.

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Fener for Community Advancement helps alleviate pressure off of Syria’s largest refugee diaspora community (in Turkey) by fostering dialogue, promoting healthy integration & improving communication with Turkish institutions.

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Bousla for Training & Innovation is an independent training institution. Bousla’s expert instructors train Syrian local administrative councils in areas of effective administration and good governance.

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Omran for Strategic Studies is a leading independent think-tank that publishes studies and policy briefs regarding Syrian and regional affairs in the areas of politics, economic development, and local administration.

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Alsouria.net is the leading independent media outlet that focuses on Syrian affairs and their impact on the region offering original news reports, info-graphics, and analysis directly from within Syria, and beyond.

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Syrian Crisis

 in Numbers

sc1  15


in need of humanitarian assistance

sc2  7.6


internally displaced refugees

sc3  4


refugees in five host countries

sc4  3


children permanently out of school

Why Syrian Forum - USA?

The Syrian Forum strives to sustain, empower and rebuild Syrian lives by offering comprehensive services such as direct aid, job training, and policy advocacy.

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The SF does not employ Band-Aid solutions, but ones that heal and nurture, and that prepare Syrians for success; initiatives that live on long after the immediate crisis has subsided.
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SF believes in the power of institution building. It is a consortium of six member organizations, each a full-fledged institution operating at the highest professional standards.
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The SF was successful in raising millions of dollars that have helped millions of Syrians. The SF not only hands a man a fish, but also teaches him how to fish in order to achieve self sufficiency.
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In addition to the SF being an initiative for relief, development, training, and innovation initiative. It is also keenly aware of the power of policy and media in influencing both public opinion and opinion-makers.

strives to
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SF USA is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization & zakat eligible.

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