Syrian Forum’s unique model of support rebuilds lives long term

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A monthly donation is the best way to help improve lives.

Your donation changes lives today.

For many of the individuals and families living in the displacement camps, life is a daily struggle. That’s why it’s so important your donation reaches the needy as soon as humanly possible. With support teams and staff on the ground, your gift to Syrian Forum today improves lives immediately.

Give the children a better future.

The ongoing war in Syria has forcibly displaced more than 13 million people. And about half of these individuals are children, many of whom have been orphaned. The next generation of Syrians will have to rebuild the country and restore societal norms. Your donations help children get the security and the education they need to have hope for the future.

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Uplifting Syrian lives by meeting critical ongoing needs.

Syrian Forum has developed a number of long-term programs and services that directly address important needs at their core. These crucial services exist only because caring donors like you make it possible month after month.

Winter Aid

Ihsan for Relief and Development

Rizk for Professional Development

Bousla for Development and Innovation

Omran for Strategic Studies

Schools during COVID-19

Syrian children are faced with obstacles they must overcome just in order to receive an education. Whether they be economic hardships, physical ailments, or illness, each challenge has great weight in holding these children back. But these kids aren’t giving up. Their dedication, combined with the efforts by Ishan for Relief and Development, has brought forth amazing changes within displaced communities.

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Meet Majeda

Majeda was once one of 2 million Syrian children not receiving any education. Like many children her age, Majeda dropped out of school to work and support her family. With the help and encouragement of her local education center, Majeda is back in class as one of her school’s hardest-working students. Now with a deep appreciation for her education, Majeda is studying hard to become a teacher. One day, Majeda will pass on the same kindness and devotion she experienced to her own students.

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Omar Story

Since the crisis in Syria began, over 2 million houses have been destroyed. Without the necessary resources, 70% of civilians are unable to rebuild their homes. Omar is one of those people. Omar’s situation is unique in that he is a single father to 3 children, each with health issues. Syrian Forum rebuilt a home for Omran and his children, giving them a foundation from which to build the rest of their lives. Through 2020, Syrian Forum has rehabilitated 4,661 houses. We hope to continue our good work moving forward.

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Zakaria’s Story

Zakaria was born deaf. When Zakaria was young, he would observe his peers talking and laughing and was deeply saddened by his inability to participate. Now, with the help of his hearing aid, Zakaria is learning how to speak verbally and will one day be able to communicate freely with his comrades.

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Your gift can help rebuild the lives of thousands of needy Syrians.

Each dollar donated provides up to $14 worth of support for sustainable-living programs. Such as teachers and schools for children, and job training and careers for adults.

Every dollar changes lives.

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The caring difference you’ve made in millions of lives.

Success Stories

Your thoughtful donations have helped Syrian Forum significantly improve the lives of thousands of individuals and families. See their inspiring stories.

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How your life-changing gift impacts families

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Reaching out to those in desperate need is an obligation we always share. Your donation to Syrian Forum enables your zakat to be incredibly impactful.

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Comprehensive Support

Creating lasting change in lives requires a holistic approach to support. Your donation to Syrian Forum helps provide whole-life care and skills training. For instance, your monthly gift enables Syrian Forum to provide programs for basic necessities such as ongoing access to clean water, food, shelter, and clothing. In addition, Syrian Forum provides programs focused on continuing education for children, job training, and income-generating projects.

Our Unique Approach

Every dollar helps. Yet, in traditional non-profit models, donations are directed at immediate needs before support is depleted. For every $1 in donations we’re able to create up to $14 worth of impact. Thanks to our Economic Empowerment model, donations result in maximum impact of relief and development services for vulnerable families. Our model generates economic independence through your investments in education, careers, sustained living, and support services.

Annual Reports

2020 has been a particularly challenging year.

The impact of COVID-19 has exasperated already dire conditions

that Syrians have been subjected to for over 10 years.









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