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Winter Aid

More than a decade of the Syrian crisis left 2.87M people internally displaced in northern Syria, 1.84M of them are living in displacement camp. With harsh winter conditions and freezing temperatures, hundreds of thousands of displaced people are facing an entirely new set of dire challenges every day and struggling to protect their children and themselves from frosting in worn out tents. They lack basic needs like sufficient clothing to keep them warm during the winter months and other necessary supplies to deal with the cold weather. You can give them the gift of warmth this winter, and even more, you can help empower Syrians! Through the Syrian Forum’s Economic Empowerment program, our sewing workshop is producing winter clothes that are either distributed to displaced Syrians or sold in the market. Profits from sales are reinvested into the workshop to pay salaries, subsidize more distribution, and purchase more materials. Don’t miss this chance to change Syrian lives and share the joy of giving!

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Ihsan for Relief and Development

Providing direct humanitarian aid to displaced Syrians, Ihsan programs impact individuals and families whose lives have been shattered by violence. Ihsan aims to support Syrians in their daily lives by alleviating suffering, fostering economic and social development, and supporting a vibrant civil society. Through relief, recovery, and development, Ihsan has supported hundreds of thousands of beneficiaries. Ihsan has emerged as one of the most active relief and development organizations serving people in Syria.

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Rizk for Professional Development

Working to help provide out-of-work Syrians the means to support themselves, Rizk provides professional development and job placement support. Rizk offers vocational training, computer training, language training, and special skills training. And by empowering Syrians to apply their skills and attain self-sufficiency they can achieve economic independence. To date, Rizk employed more than 21K Syrian refugees in Turkey.

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Bousla for Development and Innovation

An independent civics training institution, Bousla for Development and Innovation trains local Syrian organizations, individuals and administrative councils [LAC’s] in human-centered programs that promote effective administration and civic development. By equipping people with knowledge and capabilities to empower their communities, BouslaDI inspires its beneficiaries to contribute positively toward the reconstruction of civil society in Syria. Localized, sustainable solutions can exponentially impact the greatest needs. Bousla programs have helped nearly 188K beneficiaries.

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Omran for Strategic Studies

Omran Center for Strategic Studies sheds light on the reality of life in Syria. Through reports, studies, and other publications, the center provides crucial insight into the struggles Syrians face daily.

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As one of the leading news sources inside Syria, Alsouria.net provides comprehensive content for the latest and most significant updates and geopolitical shifts in the country. Alsouria.net along with its app empowers vetted freelance media activists with a necessary platform to share important news of the day, with almost 33 million page views to date.

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