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This past year was defined by a global financial crisis and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Both of which made the already disastrous conditions in Syria even worse.

Despite those challenges the Syrian Forum managed to deliver much needed aid and services to millions of Syrians. We prioritized emergency responses, including winterization issues, while focusing on our sustainable approach in training, education, and awareness programing; as well as small business grants that all helped individual Syrians gain financial independence and contribute positively to their communities.

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In 2021, the Syrian Forum reached more than 5M beneficiaries and provided more than 8.7M services to different segments of internally displaced and refugee Syrian communities.

You can read our full annual 2021 report highlighting the year's achievements in the link below. Your generous support helps the Syrian Forum expand and continue these critical efforts and pursue its mission of aspiring to empower Syrians holistically.

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