The site interviewed Dr. Ammar Kahf, executive director of Omran for Strategic Studies and a member of the Board of Directors of the Syrian Forum, and Mr. Imad Kosa, the Deputy Executive Director of Fener for Community Advancement.

The interview provides a detailed explanation of the Syrian Forum's work in Turkey, detailing the programs of the six institutions, which offers services to Syrians inside and outside Syria.

Mr. Imad Kosa, explains Fener for Community Advancement which offers a variety of activities for Syrian refugees in Turkey including cultural and social activities and sporting events. Dr. Ammar Kahf explained Omran for Strategic Studies which is the research institution. Omran publishes original studies, data reports, informational briefings, event analyses and polls/surveys that shed light on various complex aspects of Syria today.

Dr. Kahf also highlighted the main obstacles and challenges facing the of Syrian organizations, in particular the lack of funding, and the direction of most of the international organizations that work to provide direct relief support and lack of attention to organizations that support human development in Syria and refugees in asylum countries.

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