In 2016, more than 125 million women, men, and children all over the world are in need of humanitarian assistance. This is the largest crisis of this sort since the Second World War. Half of those affected are children.

To meet the growing challenges that threaten the whole of humanity, The World Humanitarian Summit was launched in Istanbul on May 23-24. The conference and exhibition will try to create a shift in the way the international community operates in order to prevent human suffering by preparing for crises and responding effectively.

The Syrian Forum participated with it's six specialized institutions dedicated to the objectives of the summit, according to those in charge of the conference:

The Summit's 5 Core Responsbilities are:

  1. Prevent and End Conflict
  2. Respect Rules of War
  3. Leave No One Behind
  4. Working Differently To End Need
  5. Invest In Humanity

The Syrian Forum aims through its participation in this global event to communicate with international Syrian  organizations and institutions, so as to enhance the vision of the Syrian Forum.