Abdul Wahab had just returned home when the airstrike began. It was not the first time his community, a small town just north of Homs, had faced a brutal attack by the Syrian regime. Before Abdul Wahab could find shelter, a bomb exploded in the street, seriously injuring him and partially destroying his home—reducing treasured belongings and precious memories to ashes.

As a young man living in Syria, Abdul Wahab had endured one injustice after another—forced displacement, indiscriminate violence, and imminent arrest. To many, Abdul Wahab’s future seemed hopeless. But not to us.

Through Syrian Forum’s education and empowerment programs, Abdul Wahab began to rebuild his life. He joined Syrian Forum’s Youth Support Center in Homs, where he participated in psychosocial support sessions, completed English and computer classes, and developed new skills to restore and rebuild his community.

Today, will you help us empower thousands of others like Abdul Wahab?