Mohammed Saleh and his seven family members never thought of leaving Aleppo. But as bombings intensified, water and electricity were cut off, food became scarce, and hospitals were destroyed, they were left with no choice but to escape their homes whilst they were still able to.

After fleeing from their homes, Mohamed and his family spent three nights at the mercy of the shelling and warfare, unable to leave the city. On the third night, they had to sleep in the car as the snow storms gathered, and were not allowed to leave the city in their own car. On the fourth day, they were forced to leave all of their belongings and depart the city in buses full of people from their neighborhood.

 محمد صالح

After their tumultuous escape, the Saleh family reached Attareb area. "We arrived to one of the displaced family gathering points, and we were surprised to see such a great reception by Ihsan, who were operating the gathering point in this area," said Mohammed. "As soon as we got down from the buses they offered us water, food, winter clothes, and health supplies. They also told us that free accommodations were set up and that they are ready to drive us to wherever we wanted. We were not expecting this level of generosity."

Due to the large number of displaced families, there was not enough housing for everybody in Attareb. However, Ihsan did not let them go, as one of the staff have taken the Saleh family to his home until Ihsan can find a suitable accommodation for them.

Mohammed Saleh thanks the young man who helped him, saying, “This [work] is nothing unordinary for those who work with Ihsan. I thank Ihsan for the valuable services and moral support they provide for all of those in need."