After diligent and persistent work to serve our people in the regions and districts of eastern Aleppo for nearly two years, providing services to hundreds of thousands of our people in need there, the Assad regime and its allies have destroyed Ihsan Foundation for Relief and Development's office in eastern Aleppo. This violent assault occurred as part of a fierce campaign waged by the criminal Assad regime and its allies on the eastern part of the city of Aleppo. The bombing resulted in the moderate injury of two of the Ihsan Foundation staff, and has turned the office to rubble and ruins. The office is now out of service.

We, the Syrian Forum, ask God for a quick recovery to the injured of our staff, and we praise Him for the safety of the rest.


We renew the call to the international community to stop the systematic targeting of humanitarian and relief organizations working to alleviate the suffering of our people in Syria. We also demand an end to the targeting of civilians and infrastructure in Syria, Aleppo specifically, along with a break of the siege imposed upon civilians, in order to allow humanitarian assistance to reach our people trapped in eastern Aleppo.