Ihsan for Relief and Development, one of Syrian Forum's six institutions, recently issued a statement in solidarity with the Syrians of eastern Aleppo, calling for the international community and those in positions of influence to stop the bombings that have so far killed hundreds of men, women, and children and destroyed all hospitals in eastern Aleppo, and break the siege which prevents regular and unhindered humanitarian access to the area.

Since the complete besiegement of eastern Aleppo undertaken by Syrian and allied forces began on July 7th, Ihsan has been unable to deliver any humanitarian assistance to 10,000 of the most vulnerable families in the city. In the past several months, NGOs operating in the city decided to begin rationing the remaining assistance left to the most vulnerable households, leaving many to still barely get by.

IHSAN Statement Dec02

Despite the lack of life-saving humanitarian assistance, security still remains the biggest concern in eastern Aleppo. Men, women, and children have been subject to regular aerial bombardment and attacks by Syrian and Russian forces as has never been witnessed before in this conflict. According to the Syrian Civil Defense, since November 15th over 2,000 air strikes and over 7,000 artillery attacks have targeted the city.

During this time, Ihsan is still working to provide aid to Syrian living outside of eastern Aleppo. With the coming of another harsh winter, with scarcity of the most basic of living conditions in Syria as well as the lack of necessary items needed to face the harsh winter, Ihsan is working diligently to provide warmth and other necessities to Syrian families. About 30,000 newly displaced refugees benefitted from Ihsan's newest project to distribute winter packages, as well as coupons for the purchase of winter clothes for families, which is being implemented in cooperation with the organization ACTED in southern rural Idlib.

Ihsan also made a move in support of Syrian children's education by distributing school bags and teaching kits in Aleppo's western suburbs this past November. Over 1,700 students and 65 teachers in Aleppo's western suburbs benefitted from the distribution.