Having been paralyzed from the waist down from birth, Nour Abu Abed was about to lose any ray of hope in his life. He felt as though darkness had overcome him at all times, and had begun to lose his will to live because he did not want to continue living in the condition he was in. Nour had required extensive surgical operations in his lower spine, and now has to use a wheelchair at all times. Although he was only 8 years old, Nour did not want to face what he saw as a very long and difficult life of disability to come.

Nour 1

Feeling as if his wheelchair was mocking him anytime he saw other children running after one another and playing in the neighborhoods and in the squares, Nour believed that something must change; and that is exactly what happened.

Though he now attends the second grade at Qadymun School, Nour was originally informed of the Stars of Tomorrow Academy through his counselor at Al-Mehwar School, where he attended the first grade. The Stars of Tomorrow Academy was established by Fener in June 2014 with the intention of improving both children's physical health and moral attitudes through sportsmanship.

In March 2016, Nour joined a program with the Stars of Tomorrow Academy, and was invited to a basketball court which was specially constructed for a team of basketball players with disabilities. Upon entering the the arena for the first time, he was introduced to a team that was made up of 8 people who all had disabilities like him, along with two coaches who also used wheelchairs to get around. For the first time, Nour did not feel as though he was alone or different. He felt that some windows of hope were finally opening up, and realized that life does not stop simply because your feet cannot carry you.

Nour 2

Nour's coach Usama had previously achieved several honors and much recognition for his skills as a basketball player, and his coach Dema told him about her success as an accomplished table tennis player. Everybody on the court practiced together, in both basketball and table tennis, with joy and determination.

Nour continued with the team that has since become his extended family. Now feeling as though he had acquired a new lease on life, Nour practiced for an average of 2 1/2 hours per week over the next 5 months with his friends and coaches who were not much different than he. In this time, both of his coaches witnessed a great improvement in his skills. Nour now feels that he is able to live his childhood to its fullest thanks to the Stars of Tomorrow Academy, and that his team has enabled him to truly experience happiness in life.

On Saturday, June 11th 2016, Nour's hard work paid off when he came in at first place in an athletic competition, and was awarded a laptop for his achievement. Today, Nour is very active and loves all kinds of sports, and those around him know him for the permanent smile on his face.

Nour 3

Nour originally hails from the neighborhood of Boustan al-Qasr in Aleppo, but escaped to Turkey with his mother, father, and two brothers Mohammed, age 12, and Ahmed, age 14, due to ongoing conflict and instability in the region. The family is currently in a very difficult condition, as Nour's father works in a factory which makes kitchen cabinets for 1100 TL per month, and they can only rent a small house. Along with Nour's care, the family finds themselves in a very arduous situation.

Nour's disability proves very demanding and exhausting to his mother, who is his caretaker. His mother wishes that she could be assisted in finding a treatment for him, and hopes that one of our donors would be able to assist Nour and herself with his condition.   Donate...