Through the last two weeks of October, Syrian Forum USA hosted fundraising banquets. The banquets took place in Tampa, Florida; and Dallas, Texas on the 22nd, and 23rd of October, respectively.

Ghassan Hitto, CEO of Syrian Forum, served as the keynote speaker for all events. Wasfi Massarani also performed at the events.

 Ghassan HittoDallas 201610 1

We at Syrian Forum USA would like to thank the attendees and the community for their continuous support and donations. Through generous donations, Syrian Forum is able to provide not only direct humanitarian relief but also sustainable, self-sufficient solutions for Syrians coping both inside and outside of Syria. Syrian Forum works to educate, train, and find employment for its beneficiaries, ensuring that they will not be dependent on sporadic aid. Funds collected through donations are used as seeding in order to obtain grants for Syrian Forum which are considerably higher in value, guaranteeing that donations will be used productively and proactively.

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Syrian Forum USA is currently planning a future fundraising dinner to be held in Chicago, Illinois on December 18th, 2016. Save the date! 

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