IHSAN for Relief and Development's recent Cash-for-Work program inside Syria has proven to be a success for participants. The program has projects in 10 areas, with 32 projects executed thus far in Abdita, Ablin, Al Barah, Ar Rami, Balshun, Balyun, Basamis, IhsimJoseph, and Marayann. The projects each run for 120 days, or about 4 months.

Nine hundred forty-two (942) families have benefited from the program, with $273,855 being distributed thus far.

Cash-for-Work provides temporary employment in public projects in order to help those most vulnerable. Cash-for-Work stimulates the local economy by creating short-term work, reintroducing income flow, supporting local businesses, and encouraging families to make local purchases.

Direct cash provides a flexible resource to beneficiaries, and enables them to spend money according to their needs and priorities. This empowers beneficiaries to not have to rely heavily on irregular aid.

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The Cash-for-Work projects connect different people through meaningful community engagement. This empowers not only individuals and individual families, but entire communities that come together to work alongside one another.

Ihsan continually strives to improve Syrian lives through relief, recovery, and development initiatives by fostering economic and social development inside Syria.

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