Ramadan Food Distribution in Syria and the US

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This Ramadan the Syrian Forum has been working in many ways to assist Syrians around the world.  In Syria, the Syrian Forum worked with Noour, who donated dates, and then distributed them to more than 5,000 families in northern Hama, southern Idlib, and the western countryside of Aleppo. Approximately 12 tons of dates where delivered to families.

It was also a turning point for Syrian Forum USA, which provided one of it’s first projects in the US on July 3rd. Over the holiday weekend, we distributed over 10 boxes of food packages to Syrian refugees who recently arrived to the Chicagoland area. Families will use the food packages for their Eid celebrations.

Many other projects have been taking place and we continue to expand our programs in Turkey, Syria, and now the US. Follow us on Facebook for more updates!

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Ihsan for Relief and Development helps child development

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Photo of phrases adorn walls at children's center

Ihsan for Relief and Development, one of the Syrian Forum's six institutions, recognizes the importance of personal growth and individual development of children. That's why they offer activities in psychological, social, educational, and recreational support in Aleppo‬ and elsewhere.

Raising children to be physically and psychologically healthy and sound requires a certain kind of education which focuses on respecting the opinions of others and an appreciation of all cultures and people. One activity the children participate in is writing down meaningful phrases like these and adorning the walls at a children's center in the town of Dara Aza Brive in Aleppo.

Ihsan offers psychosocial support, educational activities, and recreational and sports activities for children  between 6-18 years old.

Read an Interview with Syrian Forum Employees in Turkey

The site onthegroundngo.com interviewed Dr. Ammar Kahf, executive director of Omran for Strategic Studies and a member of the Board of Directors of the Syrian Forum, and Mr. Imad Kosa, the Deputy Executive Director of Fener for Community Advancement.

The interview provides a detailed explanation of the Syrian Forum's work in Turkey, detailing the programs of the six institutions, which offers services to Syrians inside and outside Syria.

Mr. Imad Kosa, explains Fener for Community Advancement which offers a variety of activities for Syrian refugees in Turkey including cultural and social activities and sporting events. Dr. Ammar Kahf explained Omran for Strategic Studies which is the research institution. Omran publishes original studies, data reports, informational briefings, event analyses and polls/surveys that shed light on various complex aspects of Syria today.

Dr. Kahf also highlighted the main obstacles and challenges facing the of Syrian organizations, in particular the lack of funding, and the direction of most of the international organizations that work to provide direct relief support and lack of attention to organizations that support human development in Syria and refugees in asylum countries.

For the full interview, you can follow the link below:


About our programs

There are many ways to help to rebuild Syrian lives this Ramadan. 

Ihsan For Relief And Development, one of the Syrian Forum’s Six member institutions, has quickly grown into one of the most active Syrian charities on the ground in Syria, delivering food packages, medical kits, hygiene kits, educational kits, and other critical aid to save and sustain lives in the hardest hit areas.

Meanwhile,  Rizk for Professional Development, helps give displaced and out-of-work Syrians the means to support themselves. Rizk invested $300,000 of your donations to secure over 3,000 jobs for Syrian men and women (who Rizk also trained for the job market) thus helping bring in $16 million in renewable income that sustains the lives of 15,000 people – not one year, but every year for many years to come. That means every dollar you give to Rizk reaches a Syrian family, 53 times over, per year, every year. That is the core model of the Syrian Forum.

Your donation of $100 will provide a food package and other necessities to a family in Turkey or Syria.

Your donation of $1,000 will fully train and prepare the head of a household and help them find a job in Turkey, giving them the ability to earn a living making $5,000/year for a lifetime.