Ihsan School Support and Rehabilitation Project Continues

Over the course of the Syrian Revolution, schools have repeatedly bore the brunt of the violence and destruction. Therefore, Ihsan for Relief and Development has taken on the task of aiding and rehabilitating 5 schools in Aleppo's western suburbs.

The Eastern Kafr Karmin School, Atarib Girls School, The Eastern As-Sahara School, Uwaijil School, and Khalil Najjar School are all currently under the sponsorship of Ihsan's school support and rehabilitation project. Across the 5 schools, 3596 students and 115 teachers & administrators benefit from Ihsan's assistance.

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Alsouria.net Stays In Time With Current Events

On 26th October, Alsouria (“www.alsouria.net”) reported that air raids launched against a school in rural Idlib resulted in the killing of 22 young students and 6 teachers. A statement issued by UNICEF later that day explained that the raids which targeted the school in the town of Hass, south of Idlib, are considered the worst that the school has seen in the last 5 years.

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