Empowering Food Security

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Through one of our six specialized institutions, we are helping Syrian communities plant and cultivate home gardens, a sustainable solution to food insecurity. In partnership with ACTED, our team is providing 3,600 households with seeds, irrigation systems, and farming tools to begin their gardens. 
Additionally, through this partnership, we are providing support to about 500 olive farmers and about 140 wheat farmers.


Employing Hope

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Since 2014, we have helped more than 14,000 Syrian refugees find jobs in Turkey. Now, with a sustainable income, these individuals are able to support themselves and their families.
Through our offices in Turkey, we have also empowered nearly 74,000 Syrians through vocational training and professional development programs. Dedicated to rebuilding Syrian communities, we are proud to help cultivate a vibrant Syrian workforce.


Justice for Douma

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On Saturday, at least 42 people were killed during the Assad regime's chemical weapons attack on Douma, a city in besieged Eastern Ghouta. The attack, an egregious war crime, injured hundreds of innocent people and forced thousands to leave their homes in search of refuge.
Today, and every day, we stand in solidarity with our Syrian brothers and sisters.
We call on the international community to ensure accountability for these crimes, and we encourage our supporters to stand with us, as we fight for justice and freedom in Syria.
As a part of the American Relief Coalition for Syria, we join other Syrian American organizations in condemning this brutal attack. You may read our joint statement here: https://www.arcsyria.org/press-release/syrian-diaspora-organizations-condemn-recent-chemical-attacks-call-accountability.

New Training for Mental Health Personnel

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Mental health is one of the most significant casualties of the conflict in Syria. But it is often overlooked. In Syria, as the prevalence of psychological trauma increases, the number of psychiatrists and other qualified medical personnel continues to fall. 
At Syrian Forum, we are developing a training program in psychology to teach Syrian professionals how to provide important mental health services in their communities. Through a series of workshops, participants will learn how to identify and address common mental illnesses, particularly those within the context of extreme crises, affecting Syrian children and adults.

Eastern Ghouta: Emergency Response

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For more than five years, the people of Eastern Ghouta have endured a brutal siege, punctuated by indiscriminate airstrikes, chemical attacks, and unremitting violence. As the humanitarian situation has deteriorated, thousands of Syrians have become displaced. 
Now, more than ever, they need our support.
In partnership with UNICEF, Syrian Forum is providing emergency relief to displaced persons from Eastern Ghouta in Idlib, Hama, and western Aleppo. Not only are we delivering critical aid, but we are also investing in long-term solutions to support these Syrian communities.