New Training for Mental Health Personnel

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Mental health is one of the most significant casualties of the conflict in Syria. But it is often overlooked. In Syria, as the prevalence of psychological trauma increases, the number of psychiatrists and other qualified medical personnel continues to fall. 
At Syrian Forum, we are developing a training program in psychology to teach Syrian professionals how to provide important mental health services in their communities. Through a series of workshops, participants will learn how to identify and address common mental illnesses, particularly those within the context of extreme crises, affecting Syrian children and adults.

Eastern Ghouta: Emergency Response

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For more than five years, the people of Eastern Ghouta have endured a brutal siege, punctuated by indiscriminate airstrikes, chemical attacks, and unremitting violence. As the humanitarian situation has deteriorated, thousands of Syrians have become displaced. 
Now, more than ever, they need our support.
In partnership with UNICEF, Syrian Forum is providing emergency relief to displaced persons from Eastern Ghouta in Idlib, Hama, and western Aleppo. Not only are we delivering critical aid, but we are also investing in long-term solutions to support these Syrian communities.

Syria, Seven Years On: Panel Discussion

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On March 20, Omran for Strategic Studies led a panel discussion in Washington, DC. The panel, in partnership with the American Relief Coalition for Syria (ARCS), brought together experts from inspiring Syrian humanitarian and research organizations to discuss the current situation in Syria and prospects for a future of peace and stability.



Bobby McKenzie, PhD

Senior Fellow and Director, Muslim Diaspora Initiative, New America



Ammar Kahf, PhD

Executive Director, Omran for Strategic Studies


Dr. Khaled Hamza

Mental Health Committee Chair, Syrian American Medical Society


Lina Sergie Attar

Co-founder and CEO, Karam Foundation


Ali Aljundi

Syria Project Officer, Oxfam America

Revolution Bootcamp

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In partnership with several inspiring organizations, Syrian Forum USA helped organize and lead Revolution Bootcamp in Washington, DC. The program, which took place on March 18 and 19, brought together Syrian Americans and their allies to learn valuable skills in advocacy, storytelling, and community organizing. 

On March 18, Revolution Bootcamp began with an all-day intensive training, in which participants learned how to mobilize their communities in support of the Syrian people. Following the training, some 150 people gathered by the Washington Monument for an inspiring rally, commemorating the seventh anniversary of the Syrian revolution. 
The next day, participants gathered on Capitol Hill for the annual Congressional Advocacy Day, during which they met with congressional staff to discuss the dire humanitarian crisis in Syria. Revolution Bootcamp ended with an evening gala, including an inspiring performance by Wasfi Maasarani, a Syrian revolutionary singer.

Njoom AlGhad’s 4th Annual Soccer Tournament

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At Syrian Forum, we believe in the power of sports to build bridges across divided communities. For more than four years, we have led Njoom AlGhad Academy, a sports program bringing together Syrian youth and their Turkish peers for empowerment activities and workshops in Istanbul

On March 14, Syrian Forum launched the academy’s fourth annual soccer tournament. Through this exciting program, participants develop important personal skills and build meaningful relationships with one another.