Eid Mubarak

Eid Mubarak! As Ramadan comes to an end, we would like to thank you for supporting Syrian Forum USA during the past month. Because of your generosity, we will continue to help tens of thousands of Syrians rise from the ashes and rebuild their lives.
It’s not too late to make a difference. One more donation means one more Syrian refugee could find a job; one more Syrian child could go to school; one more Syrian community could gain access to safe drinking water. One more donation means one more step toward justice, dignity, and freedom in Syria.

Iman's Story

Iman lost her husband when she was 25 years old. Faced with an uncertain future, she struggled to endure not only her own tragedy but an unprecedented humanitarian crisis in Syria. She relied on her job as an elementary school teacher to provide for her two young boys, Ahmad and Omar. Then her school was bombed. 
“I felt broken and helpless,” Iman said. She lost her husband. She lost her livelihood. She nearly lost hope. 
But then she discovered Syrian Forum. Through one of Syrian Forum’s six institutions, Iman began to rebuild her life. She completed comprehensive training programs, cultivated new skills, and knowledge, and secured a job with an education nonprofit in Syria. Today, not only is Iman able to support her two children, she is empowering her community—passing on the gift of education to the next generation. 
Will you help us empower others like Iman to rebuild their lives and their communities? 

Sustaining Syrian Lives

This Ramadan, you can sustain Syrian lives with your zakat. By supporting Syrian Forum USA, you can provide emergency relief to communities in need, build the capacity of local institutions, restore critical infrastructure, and so much more. 
Since 2013, Syrian Forum has provided more than 26 million services to struggling communities, from Idlib to Eastern Ghouta. With your help, we can do even more together. 
For only $100, you could deliver clean water to a Syrian family for an entire year. 
For only $600, you could provide shelter to a Syrian family for an entire year. 
For only $700, you could feed a Syrian family for an entire year. 
Today, you can help Syrians rise from the ashes with your zakat. Click to donate: https://www.launchgood.com/project/rebuild_syrian_lives_with_your_zakat#!/

Abdul Wahab’s Story

Abdul Wahab had just returned home when the airstrike began. It was not the first time his community, a small town just north of Homs, had faced a brutal attack by the Syrian regime. Before Abdul Wahab could find shelter, a bomb exploded in the street, seriously injuring him and partially destroying his home—reducing treasured belongings and precious memories to ashes.

As a young man living in Syria, Abdul Wahab had endured one injustice after another—forced displacement, indiscriminate violence, and imminent arrest. To many, Abdul Wahab’s future seemed hopeless. But not to us.

Through Syrian Forum’s education and empowerment programs, Abdul Wahab began to rebuild his life. He joined Syrian Forum’s Youth Support Center in Homs, where he participated in psychosocial support sessions, completed English and computer classes, and developed new skills to restore and rebuild his community.

Today, will you help us empower thousands of others like Abdul Wahab?


Ramadan Kareem

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From all of us at Syrian Forum USA, we wish you and your loved ones a blessed Ramadan.

After more than seven years of conflict, Syrian families continue to face unprecedented challenges. But, with your support, we can empower them to rebuild their lives and their communities.

This Ramadan, you can help Syrians rise from the ashes.

Help us sustain Syrian lives. Since 2013, Syrian Forum has delivered more than 26 million services to struggling communities, from Idlib to Eastern Ghouta. The organization provides emergency relief, builds the capacity of local institutions, and restores critical infrastructure, from water stations to school buildings.

Help us empower self-sufficiency. Since 2014, Syrian Forum has helped more than 14,000 Syrian refugees find jobs in Turkey, and the organization has equipped nearly 8,000 Syrian professionals with the skills and knowledge necessary to restore their communities.

Help us nurture the next generation of leaders. With your support, Syrian Forum will continue to educate, protect, and uplift Syrian children and youth through diverse programs, from psychosocial support services to community soccer tournaments.

Click here to donate: https://www.launchgood.com/project/rebuild_syrian_lives_with_your_zakat#!/