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Tune in to the conversation with these interviews. Advocates from Omran Center for Strategic Studies discuss and analyze Syrian policies and affairs.

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Our Education Projects

Children are the future of Syria. Our education program helps put kids back in school with a life-long love for learning. Our efforts have reached over 222,898 beneficiaries in 2021 alone.

Our Food Security & Livelihoods (FSL) Projects

Our aim is to empower a self-reliant civil society in Syria. Food Security and Livelihood projects provide a foundation for society to be built upon and support progress for years to come.

Our Protection Projects

Lack of civil structure leaves those most vulnerable without proper protection. Our protection programs keep women and children out of harm's way by providing safe spaces for them to rely on.

Our Shelter Projects

Shelter is of the utmost importance in such an unforgiving environment. Our rehabilitation efforts provide secure, comfortable housing for individuals and families to rebuild their lives in.

Our Water Sanitation & Hygiene Projects (WASH)

Water, sanitation, and hygiene are all included in our WASH services. To prevent illness and promote regular hygienic practices, WASH services provide resources essential to keeping camps safe and sanitized.

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