Ihsan for Relief and Development

ihsanIhsan for Relief and Development is a humanitarian, service-oriented organization that provides direct aid and assistance to the most needy Syrians whose lives have been shattered by the violence. Ihsan’s programs focus on alleviating suffering, fostering economic and social development, supporting a vibrant civil society, and building the capacity of local councils. Ihsan has emerged as one of the most active, independent relief and development agencies serving populations in Syria and Turkey (site of the largest Syrian diaspora).

For more information visit Ihsan's website.

Rizk for Professional Development

rizkRizk for Professional Development helps give displaced and out-of-work Syrians the means to support themselves. The goal is to empower Syrian families to attain self-sufficiency and not rely on humanitarian aid. Rizk administers programs that provide professional development for Syrians such as vocational training, computer training, language training, and special-skills training. It also helps link them with opportunities in which they could apply their new knowledge base and skill set towards economic independence. Since starting out as a pilot project in Urfa-Turkey in June 2014, Rizk has helped oversee the rehabilitation of the Syrian work force in Turkey to successfully get jobs and become competitive in the job market. 

For more information visit Rizk's website.

Fener for Community Advancement

fenerFener for Community Advancement works to integrate displaced Syrian communities into their new environments. One of the most difficult challenges facing a refugee is the notion of being “cut off” from society. Fener runs creative projects that help alleviate pressure off of these refugee communities by fostering dialogue, cultural awareness, and social integration so that they can be a part of their new environment, as well as be seen as such by local populations. For example, Fener runs local soccer teams for Syrian boys that compete in local Turkish youth leagues. It also conducts community workshops, public lectures, and regular activities that support, stabilize, and empower the Syrian community, and build bridges and strengthen relationships between Syrians and Turks

For more information visit Fener's website.

Bousla for Training and Innovation

bouslaBousla for Training & Innovation is an independent civics training institution serving the Syrian population. Bousla’s expert instructors train Syrian local administrative councils (LAC’s) in areas of effective administration and good governance. The ability and capacity of LAC’s in Syria’s liberated regions to function effectively are critical to facilitating daily life for populations cut off from goods and services that would otherwise be provided by a stable central and/or regional government. By investing in empowering and optimizing governance at the LAC level in Syria, Bousla (powered by SF) focuses on centralized solutions that in turn multiply out in benefit, positively affecting the lives of many more people.

For more information visit Bousla's website.

Omran for Strategic Studies

omranOmran for Strategic Studies is an independent research institution that plays a leading role in forming an objective understanding of Syria and the impact of the Syrian conflict on the region and the world. Omran publishes original studies, data reports, informational briefings, event analyses and polls/surveys that shed light on various complex aspects of Syria today. Omran works with highly-regarded academic experts who have a reputation for objectivity and a keen understanding of, and access to, the ground in Syria.

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alsouriaAlsouria.net has quickly taken of as a leading news source on Syria since its launch in 2014. Led by a group of news industry veterans who work around the clock, Alsouria.net is a one-stop shop for the latest and most important updates on events inside Syria as well as geopolitical shifts that affect affecting Syria. Alsouria.net uses print media, audio-visual and electronic news to reach a wide swaths of audience. Its newly launched Apple Store App brings news updates in real time to users. Alsouria.net empowers vetted freelance media activists with a platform through which they can share their work while serving to expand the circle of coverage provided to its readers and viewers.

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