We can do so much more when we work together!

Every day, people ask us what they can do to help Syria. We think fundraising is best: not only does it raise essential money for aid, but it increases awareness of the humanitarian crisis in Syria, encourages others to fundraise as well, and brings hope to people in Syria by showing them that they are not forgotten.

Fundraising is a great way for everyone who believes in the Syrian Forum USA’s mission to play an active role in building the organization and raising money for its operations.

Let us help you with publicity!

If you let us know what you’re doing, we can publicize your fundraising activities on our Facebook page or Twitter feed.

Use your personal social media pages to promote!

Send our promo video around and direct people to our website to donate online.

If you’re holding an event let your local media know!

Let the local papers know about your event, beforehand for publicity and afterwards to let them know what happened and how much you raised. A good photo will significantly boost the likelihood of getting some coverage! Write a press release — a one-page announcement telling your "story." Explain the event, what the Syrian Forum USA’s mission is, and why you are fundraising. Circulate your press announcement through the local media — radio, printed press, television, and websites — and particular groups that you are affiliated with that have news bulletins or newsletters including alumni magazines, religious institution’s bulletins, etc. You can also distribute your press release online for free through the many press release distribution sites on the web. Having a short piece published anywhere can go a long way to help your fundraising efforts.

Need some resources?

We’ve put together a special ‘Fundraisers Guide’ to help you with organizing your fundraising event. We are also able to provide you with additional resources such as digital files to flyers, donation envelopes, etc.

Need some fundraising advice?

Feel to contact us at any time.

Send us what you raised!

Donations can be sent to Syrian Forum USA 70 E. Lake Street Suite 1220 Chicago, IL 60601