nashmiabazidi e1411756841604The crisis in Syria has had a detrimental effect on economic livelihood for many families, particularly women-led households (who have lost their husbands / fathers). Your monthly sponsorship will help provide critical social services, job training and placement, as well as basic social integration for those Syrian women.

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The Syrian conflict has severely impacted childhood education throughout the country, stalling education for hundreds of thousands of children and young people for a period of several years. This has created an entire generation of Syrians whose education levels are far behind the norm, putting at risk their literacy, critical thinking skills, and future opportunities. Such conditions are breeding grounds for poverty, extremism and social impedances. Help sponsor a classroom that would get our children back on the fast track of learning. Your sponsorship goes towards our school projects for the refugees, and would assist is in providing for facilities, teachers, and books.

employ-a-bread-bringerMany Syrian bread-winner, who once were the sole providers for their families, are now jobless. Their families are in dire need of help. The Syrian Forum believes that gifting a fishing rod is better than gifting fish. Help sponsor an out of work bread-bringer to receive vocational training and job placement so that they can provide for their families once more.





Many children and young Syrians were physically harmed by the very violent war in Syria, and suffered permanent disability which led to a growing sense of inferiority and lack of involvement, and interaction with others.

Nojoom Al Ghad (Stars of the Future) Sports Academy, one of the Syrian Forum’s programs, has launched a sports program that would improve the skills of people with disabilities and those affected by the war in Syria, trainers and trainees, through individual sports like table tennis (ping pong), and team sports like basketball.

These sport activities will help people with disabilities improve their health and mental well-being, reduce anxiety and depression, increase their self-esteem and gain new experiences and new friendships.
Nojoom Al Ghad Academy is a youth sports program that seeks to serve young Syrian athletes in Turkey. It was established in 2014 to provide the Syrian refugee youth with constructive activities, to engage and build strong relationships with each other, and to foster healthy integration within the Turkish society.
The first phase of this program has been completed successfully by having 6 players join and training them 3 hours a week on a regular basis. Lots of people with disabilities are hoping to be part of this activity in the second phase of this program.
The Academy is planning to reach 20 players by the end of 2016, which will cost $27,000 to provide special care, transportation, wheelchairs and coaches’ salaries.
Don’t miss the chance of being part of fulfilling their hope

sf circleYour general donation to SF-USA will go towards funding SF’s key services which include: direct humanitarian assistance to needy Syrians; vocational training and job placement; sending displaced children back to school; policy advocacy for a free Syria; studies and reports that inform stakeholders; and media outreach to raise much-needed awareness.

e84e3cb2 e335 4011 8450 bfee8e96ad88When fleeing certain death and destruction, refugees take nothing with them and leave everything behind. The least we can help them reclaim is a sense of hope, that there is a life to live once again. We also wish to help integrate them into their new environment.

817a0b87c8b4a5b09390d4c2ae24ca96 XLYour donation will go to Omran to sponsor studies and reports that inform stakeholders. Omran for Strategic Studies is a leading independent think-tank that publishes studies and policy briefs regarding Syrian and regional affairs in the areas of politics, economic development, and local administration.

13100925 1051602661600709 8768441193879207615 nAleppo‬ is reeling under the impact of the barbaric attacks on them which have left thousands displaced and homeless after their homes were destroyed. Ihsan for Relief & Development has been responding to the emergency circumstances and has a daily distribution operation that has distributed 40 thousand food baskets since the beginning of 2016 in the city of Aleppo. Ihsan is making every effort now to heal the wounds of our people in Aleppo.

With your donation we will build a contingency stock and start a water trucking project.


The Syrian Forum USA believes that our response to the crisis in Syria has to be swift, strategic, and sustainable; effective, efficient, and empowering. This Ramadan, we hope to increase assistance to the women, children and families most desperately in need of help.

Ihsan for Relief and Development, one of the Syrian Forum’s six member institutions, has delivered 40,000 food baskets to Aleppo alone -one of 36 direct aid projects inside Syria.

Meanwhile, Rizk for Professional Development, another of the Syrian Forum’s six member institutions, has secured over 3,000 jobs for Syrian men and women.

Please give generously - $5,000, $2,000, $10000, $100 or whatever you can afford.

Note in the comments sections below what your donation should be used as, Zakat, Sadaqa, Eid Gift, or Fitra.

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The Syrian Forum USA would like to wish you an Eid Mubarak and thank you for your support. We hope you are able to gather with loved ones in celebration.

Unfortunately this year many Syrian children will spend Eid in refugee camps and war zones.  As you celebrate with your family please consider sharing the joy with Syrian kids by sponsoring an Eid Gift for $20. 

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The Syrian Forum USA recently started it's US program on July 3rd, 2016. On July 3rd, we distributed food packages to Syrian refugees who recently arrived to the Chicagoland area. Families used the food packages for their Eid celebrations.

Then on July 9th, 2016 we threw an Eid celebration party for families at Chuck E. Cheese. Children played games and Visa Gift cards were given as Eid Gifts for each family.

With your help we can contiune to expand our US program and help those in need who have recently arrived in the US.


Support Rizk for Professional Development which helps give displaced and out-of-work Syrians the means to support themselves.

Many Syrians, who once were the sole providers for their families, are now jobless. Their families are in dire need of help. Help sponsor out-of-work Syrians to receive  vocational training, computer training, language training, or special-skills training.

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Many Syrian children going back to school will not have the proper tools to ensure they can achieve their potential or even study at all. Fleeing violence is very difficult and stressful for the child and the family. But with your help we can make the transition easier by ensuring these children are well equipped and ready to learn.

You can make a donation which will help us to purchase items like backpacks, pens and pencils, and pay for additional needs like uniforms and text books for internally displaced Syrian children and Syrian refugees who are in need.

The cost to sponsor one child is $100. Please consider donating today to help Rebuild Syrian Lives.