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About Syrian Forum

We are a nonprofit organization established in 2011 and dedicated to rebuilding Syrian lives through sustainable life-changing programs and services. Since the war in Syria began, we’ve been able to provide aid and support to hundreds of thousands of beneficiaries through donations and partnerships. Syrian Forum has 2,318 staff located in 17 offices in Syria, Turkey, Austria, the United States and Qatar.

Syrian Forum’s Key Objectives

The challenges for displaced Syrian refugees are formidable. Still, Syrian Forum is committed to fostering economic development and creating employment opportunities for Syrians in need. We work to empower and develop Syrian civil society and invest in local administration. In addition to developing Syrian institutions in order to promote efficiency, integrity, and professionalism in civil society.

Plus, long-term change comes by reinforcing a political culture with the capacity to develop and strengthen democratic institutions in Syria. As well as offering strategic solutions and policy alternatives in matters related to Syria and its surrounding region.

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Why Syrian Forum

Syrian Forum offers a unique aid model. Our innovative and effective programs provide immediate relief while focusing on ongoing, long-term education and economic independence. Our proven programs and services empower Syrian communities to help themselves, and build their own future.

Incredibly capable and diverse, our teams come together from different sectors and professional backgrounds to provide experience and skill sets to maximize the effectiveness of your donations every day, for every need.


To enable Syrian Americans and Americans at large to help Syrians take the lead in securing their own social, cultural, and economic prosperity.


To educate society and enable it to uplift Syrians’ lives by offering accessible, quality services that include humanitarian aid, professional development, job placement, good governance training, policy analysis & advocacy, and media representation in order to set the ground for establishing a society of justice and dignity, founded mainly on internal capacities and self-sufficiency.

Based in Chicago, Syrian Forum USA is an independently registered 501(C)3 and works to support Syrian Forum’s work on the ground inside Syria, Turkey and beyond.
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Changing lives begins now

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